Tuesday, 21 August 2007

my expression to him..

cool, freak, funny, ORDINARY!

yeah, the perfects sentence for imagery someone, what i called KAY. it the abbreviation of name.
it's more than i want. the spelling of all were...

cool, it's for the style. not bad for me. lovely black jacket, what always uses when goes to school.

freak, perfects! coz he always makes me mad with him things. made me mad when he talked something. or he beside me.. [oh..boy!!]. he a great sportsman [maybe]. and i can't do well in front or him.

funny, of course, he can makes me laugh. with him joke or him shake hands with me. i miss it! but i afraid with him. i afraid with him if he angry. as like the ill-fated boy. but i like it !!!

ORDINARY. not more word. coz i just met him when Juli. i cant tell where i met him. but i met him at the corner. yep, the one corner of spot. near with place-usual-i-use for squat. i interest with him. dont know with what. but honestly.. he far of handsome trace. sorry.. but that right. he not too tall, dark-skin, pizzaface, stubborn, and like a high-school student. i like him so fast. not more than one month. and only Saras, who-knew-he-is.

ok, in fact i love with him MUSCLE. don't know, but i like it. oh.. Allah give me a miracle for get him. i love him [may not] too much........

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mad_ice on 21 August 2007 at 14:48 said...

guwa sayang kay

Kai Li on 21 August 2007 at 15:40 said...


I'm currently doing a project and I would like to find out what Indonesian teenagers do during their free time, especially during the weekends.

You're one of the few Indonesians who actually blog in English! Kudos! Haha... So I hope we can be friends and perhaps you could share some of your experiences as a teenager in Indoensia with me =>

My email is kaili@arkpictures.com.sg. If you like, I can give you my blog link as well => Anyway, all the best to you and your boy! Good Luck!


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