Tuesday, 7 August 2012

These all may happened on IKJ

 There is a lot of pets, Cat, Dog, Hamster, Rabbit, Chicken.  And theres have the cats who scary with the humans. and It was first time to saw a LIFE CHICKEN, they were so curious. And A black cat named Felix an omnivores cat who like a cabbage. And also a coward dog names Molly, its a male dog.

I'm also learning about voodoo at class, much of dukun, klenik, and six-senses human and a tattoo practice studio at night      


Barbershop time !! An Artist is also a hairstylist, at here, (EX) 'Senat and ' HM are a good cut hairstylist  

We made it weird, We ever get stray dozens of uniform shirt. A company of smartphone shirt, We wear it together and make a campus like an office. Or wear the 80' years style, with "Mas Boy (Catatan si Boy) haircut stylish, completing with denim jacket.

Believing or not, They are a lecturer and going to continue the school master.
They'r actually playing the marbles.

There are a partly of the art campus, one reason why we like staying overnight on campus, something may will be happen soon..

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