Sunday, 22 July 2012


woof, I love my laptop background wallpaper . fufufu The man using a machine is my boyfriend, a wood craft-man artist. he's name is Gazewanny . He is a wood craft-man and using multiply wood as based materials. I love see him when he's on work out.

The Photo & Editing by Dho

These are the some kinds of furnitures what my boys was made when Exam Finals. Nowadays, he have a degree as S,sn (Art Bachelor). hihi. I love the shape and concepts what he made. The based materials is not a solid wood like teak wood, but the based is multiply, multiply is structure plywood boards. So, the concepts is isn't using lot of solid wood and helps for global warming and forest logging.

The Wave Table

The Puzzle Clocks

The Lotus Mirror

lots of crafts thaw he was made, and also my comic book packaging "Boy & Rangda: Kisah Anak Leak". Anyway he can take any orders for something specials ideas by you. Like a box, resins, or somethings arts and limited.

2 Comments on "Craft-man"

Anonymous said...

craft man is a man who makes craft..
gitu yak? :D

Ice Tarunosastro on 27 July 2012 at 11:09 said...

karena industri kreatif udah maju, sekarang seniman pengerajin disebut sebagai craftman !